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a man is standing in front of a tv with the words don't say anything to him
13M views · 161K reactions | Don’t Say I didn’t Tell You!!👀#mompouch #mompouchworkout #homeabworkout | Austin Pratt | Austin Pratt · Original audio
a woman is doing exercises on a yoga mat with dumbbells in front of her and the caption reads, you started adding deep core exercises like this one to your workout and
762K views · 7.1K reactions | Add this deep core & upper body exercise to your next workout! 🔥 🖇️ IN B!O FOR MY STRENGTH PROGRAM 📌SAVE THIS POST | TAG A FRIEND! #deepcore #abworkout 18h elisesbodyshop's profile picture #workoutplan #workoutvideo #strengthtraining #fitness #workoutprogram #circuittraining #fitnesstips #fitnessmotivation #workouts #dumbbells #dumbbellworkout #workoutapp #workoutroutine #homeworkouts #homeworkout #athometraining #athomeworkouts #bodyweighttraining #dumbbellworkoutathome #dumbbellonlyworkouts #ryeny #dumbbellonlyworkouts #dumbbellworkouts #dumbbellexercises #fairfieldcountyct #fairfieldct #westportct #greenwichct | Elise's Body Shop | Elise's Body Shop · Original audio
a man standing in front of a wall holding two large metal poles with the words, no more bat wings and raa bulge home workout
1M views · 21K reactions | Remember this very important tip for best results 👇🏽If you want to tighten your body or tone, then you need to add more muscle to your frame (lift weights) and lower your body fat percentage (via your nutrition). This will help you tighten loose skin to get rid of the bra bulge and bat wings. Exercise alone will do very little to change your body composition if your nutrition is trash and you are unsure of how much you are actually eating on a day to day basis. You NEED to make sure your nutrition is in alignment with your goals, paired with exercise for the best results. Save this video for later and follow if you’d like more tips 💪🏽 | Antonio Ingram | Yung Wylin' · Good Energy
a woman is standing in the water with her arms spread out and there is an image of
1.3M views · 39K reactions | Trauma Informed Movement Trauma-Informed Movement is an approach in which movement coaches have an understanding of how trauma impacts the brain, nervous system, movement, and overall whole body. The goal of the trauma-informed movement is NOT to diagnose or cure it. Instead, it is a targeted practice designed to assist you to enhance the following: ❤️‍🩹Deregulated the nervous system ❤️‍🩹Calm stress markers ❤️‍🩹Creates more balance in life ❤️‍🩹Releases trauma stuck in the body ❤️‍🩹Reduce fight or flight reactions in the body ❤️‍🩹Boost energy levels ❤️‍🩹Rebuild body awarness ❤️‍🩹Create safe choices for their your body Trauma-informed movement emphasizes self-regulation tools and techniques to return you to an optimal window of tolerance and build flexibility in their stress response. If you’re interested in working with a trauma informed coach I would love to chat with you. Or join my free Masterclass that starts May 3rd 6:30pm EST / 3:30 PST Link in bio to join Follow for simple trauma informed movement, healing and health tips. | Fitomize Fitness | DSADS · In the lifetime
a man in black shirt and leggings doing yoga
1.6M views · 13K reactions | #GETFIT #simpleworkout #fullbodyworkout #easyexercise #fitbody | Brandon Palmer | Brandon Palmer · Original audio
Health Tips, Fitness, Health, Gym, Facial Exercises, Body Health, Health And Beauty Tips
Transform your health in 6 minutes | Every organ has its own intelligence, its own vibration and frequency. Each organ is quite unique having it’s own specific emotions, season, colours,... | By Calligraphy Health Master YangFacebook
a man sitting on top of a mat with the words do these before bed
2.5M views · 65K reactions | Try these just before bed, for the best sleep of your life. (And to wake up without tension) 😎💪🏽 | Dr. Devon Hoffman | HANZO 陰陽 · SWEET DREAMS (feat. BLVCK & YABØII)
a woman doing exercises with dumbbells in a gym
478K views · 4.7K reactions | I love a good combo move… abs, arms, thighs, back, shoulders. #workoutmotivation #workoutoftheday #armworkout #backworkout #abwork #shoulderworkout #fitnessinspo #dumbells #gymmotivation #springiscoming #summerbody | FlowingWaters | Team Workout · Do What You Gotta
People, Hearing Loss, Energy Supply, Gallbladder, Hearing, Sound, Continuity
2M views · 25K reactions | 240277-Improve tinnitus and hearing loss. Press Yifeng point + Ermeng point. 3-5 minutes in the morning and evening. There are two types of tinnitus: 1. The sound is sharp and loud. It is often caused by blockage of the Three Jiao meridian or the gallbladder meridian. At this time, you can press the Ermen point, Yifeng point, Tinggong point, and Tinghui point. 2. The sound is low and continuous, which is often caused by insufficient kidney energy supply to the ears. At this time, kidney energy needs to be increased. In addition, sudden deafness or hearing loss in young/middle-aged people is often caused by meridian blockage. If it is chronic deafness or hearing loss in the elderly, it is often caused by a decrease in kidney energy. On how to improve kidney energy, you can learn our courses: 1. 25mins Specific Routine • Improve Kidney Function 2. 60mins Acupoint Vibration • Full Body Patting #wudang #taichi #qigong #ancientselfcare #health #chineseculture #tcm #heathylifestyle #exercise #stretching #relax #meridian #foryou #tinnitus #hearingloss #ear | Taichi Zidong | Giulio Cercato · Beautiful
two cartoon animals are laying down on the ground
856K views · 11K reactions | #fypシ Butt drum roll 🥁 I wonder what will happen...?<3 #animation #funny #cute #fyp #illustrations #art #drawing #digitalart #sketch #artist #funnybunny #artwork #cartoon #cartoons #couple #Sweet #fun #reelsvideo #reelsvideo #reelsfb | Asamimichan | Asamimichan · Original audio
a woman is sitting on the floor with her arms crossed
399K views · 4.5K reactions | Saturday Morning Arm Sculpting Workout! These are the type of isolated strength sessions that I think are necessary for an increase in lean muscle tissue. Remember, volume is the driver of hypertrophy so if you want to build muscle! Each specific muscle group needs at least 10 to 15 sets per week. In this workout triceps had 9 sets so that would mean I would need to hit either this workout again sometime in a given week, or another upper body workout that included triceps. For a follow along video workout program, tap the🔗 in the comments. ⬆️Sculpted arm workout! Workout: 45/15x3Pinwheel curls, Hammer curls, Bicep curl press X3. Lateral raise, Full ROM Front raise, Neider press X3. Triceps press extension, Tate press, Triceps dips or skull crushers X3. #ArmWorkout #Fitover50 #menopause #menopauseweightloss #armworkoutsforwomen #arms #sculptedarms #liftheavythings #movedaily #tracysteen | Tracy Steen | Tracy Steen · Original audio
a woman is sitting on the floor with her stomach exposed and muscles visible in front of her
1.6M views · 11K reactions | When you push with your feet against a stable surface, it creates a chain reaction of muscle engagement throughout your body. This push engages the muscles of the lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, to generate force and movement.Simultaneously, pushing with the feet also activates the muscles of the core, including the deep stabilizing muscles such as the transverse abdominis and multifidus, as well as the superficial muscles like the rectus abdominis and obliques. This activation helps to stabilize the spine and pelvis, maintaining proper alignment and preventing excessive movement or compensation during the exercise.By consciously engaging the muscles of the feet and pushing against the ground, you create tension and stability that extends up through the kinetic chain, ultimately enhancing overall strength and power generation. This connection between the feet and core is essential for functional movement and optimal performance in a wide range of activities. Make sure you’re bare foot when you try this! #yogaforcore #corestrength #yogatutorial | Abi Mills Yoga | Abi Mills Yoga · Original audio
a man standing in front of a wall with an ad on it that says don't get on the treadmill do this instead
554K views · 6.9K reactions | Low Impact Cardio | Bmccullen | Bmccullen · Original audio
a man standing on top of a yoga mat in a kitchen
1.2M views · 23K reactions | Arms | Pewee Raquel | Pewee Raquel · Original audio
a woman in black shirt and leggings doing exercises with two dumbbells
507K views · 3.7K reactions | Another absolute 🥵 combo move ! Ladies, add it in or try my 12 weeks weighted worX method! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #oneexercise #womensfitnesscoach #comboexercises #weightedexercises #quickworkouts #postnatalfitness #londonfitness #londonhealth #mumsfitness #workoutsforwomen #dumbbellworkout #dumbbellexercises #fullbodyexercise #womensonlinecoach #fatlossworkout | Kimmyfitness | Giulio Cercato · Faded
the woman is doing exercises in her home gym with red tights and high heels
203K views · 4.1K reactions | Erase a saggy bum and flabby thighs. Let’s lift and tone! #flabbybodybegone #tonedbody | Hello Josie Liz | Hello Josie Liz · Original audio
a man standing in front of a sign that says do you have? with his hands on his hips
67K views · 2.7K reactions | Hip pain SUCKS! 😣 - This is such a good move 🤤 It mobilizes AND activates muscles in the hip that can “clamp” down and make you feel stuck 😩 - Whether it’s hip arthritis, bursitis, labrum tears, low back pain, etc, we MUST get those hips moving within a pain free range of motion and utilize more rotation 🤩 - So give this a try and watch those hips open up! 🕺🏻 - Make sure to take your time and BREATHE! 😯💨 - As always, if this move causes you pain, decrease the range of movement. If pain persists, stop the exercise! 🤗 - All content on this page demonstrates general exercise ideas not intended to serve as medical or clinical advice ❤️🤗⁠ - - - - #movewell #brooklyn #hippain #backpain #lowbackpain #painrelief #lowback #nervepain #sciatica #injuryprevention #backissues #nyc #hipbursitis #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapy #painrelief #sciaticarelief | Project Physical Therapy | Perez Prado y Su Orquesta · Mambo #5 (Remix)
a woman standing in front of a swimming pool with her hands on her hips and the words 6 moves from home to heal your knees
251K views · 2.8K reactions | These 6 moves started healing my knees from home!I did these 6 moves for 12 weeks as part of the @athletictruthgroup Zero program. These started to get my knees out of pain and built a foundation for me to continue getting stronger! And I did all of this at 37 years old!Now at 39, my knees are healthier and stronger than ever!Huge shoutout to @kneesovertoesguy and @athletictruthgroup for getting me on this path!Now I’m glad to be a certified level 2 ATG coach and teaching moves like this, and so many more, to others and helping them get out of knee pain and more!If you’re looking for help to get out of pain, shoot me a DM and I’ll share details about my online programs and coaching 👍#kneepain #kneepainrelief #kneepainexercises #kneeproblems #kneesovertoesguy #athletictruthgroup #overthehillhooper | Over_the_hill_hooper | Over_the_hill_hooper · Original audio
an ad for pelvic is shown with the words, one move to improve pel
328K views · 1.9K reactions | Is your PELVIS TILTED FORWARD? Try this exercise and let me know how it goes 🙏 | Physical Therapy Session | Physical Therapy Session · Original audio
a woman sitting on a chair in front of a gym machine
1.2M views · 13K reactions | GYM vr HOME Sabias que podias realizar tus rutinas desde la comodidad de tu hogar, avanzando a tu ritmo y tiempo, sin descuidar tus actividades diarias 🏋️‍♀️ Con nuestro programa Online De Aumento de masa muscular podras lograr esos sueños y metas que te propusiste para este nuevo año 🙌✨ Mas información en el link de mi perfil #gluteos #mujeres #hipertrofia #ganarmasamuscular #ejerciciosdesdecasa #saludable #motivacion #esfuerzoyconstancia #disciplina #mentepositiva #tarjetasdecredito #tarjetadebito #foryou #parati #2024challenge #mexico #colombia #estadosunidos #chile | Ejercicios en Casa | Holy drill · Yeshua
a man standing on one leg while holding a tennis racquet
538K views · 7.1K reactions | 2 Critical Elements of Shoulder Rehab! Read Below… (Full Shoulder Rehab plan in @theptinitiative bio link) . The shoulder is a relatively complex joint with lots of moving pieces. This can make it hard to piece together where your pain is coming from. — There are 2 citical components that I look to address in nearly all of my shoulder patients — Shoulder Rotation ability – This is more than just how flexible the shoulder is. You need to have good control of full rotation range via the rotator cuff. - Scapular Positioning – By this I’m basically referring to your ability to move your scapula well and get it into ideal positions when moving the arm. - If you can dial in these 2 elements, you are well on your way to improving how your shoulder moves and feels. - This post shows an example of how to work on both of these issues. — Need more detailed guidance, I can help… — Start my proven 3 phase Shoulder Blueprint available in @theptinitiative bio link! Used by thousands across the world. Get started today! . . #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #shoulderpainrelief #shoulderworkout #easyworkout #rotatorcuffrehab #foryoureels | The PT Initiative | The PT Initiative · Original audio
Lose Weight, Easy Workouts, Lower Belly, Arms
208K views · 1.6K reactions | Start working those arms now just in time for summer! Do this quick arm homeworkout 4-5 times a week - no equipment | Floren Diva | Diplo · Love To The World
Workout Routines, Squats, Leg Workouts
186K views · 3.3K reactions | Hate squats Try these_ #squats #homeworkout #homeworkouts #resistancebandworkout #partnerworkout #glutesworkout #athomeworkout #coupleworkout #fyp | Eli Fuller | Down A.K.A. Kilo · Lean Like A Cholo
Rhomboid Pain Relief, Mid Back Stretches, Rhomboid Stretch, Shoulder Blade Stretch, Upper Back Stretches, Mid Back Pain, Piriformis Stretch
4.9M views · 46K reactions | 🔴 a rhomboid stretch. This is a nice way to put tension in that upper back in between the shoulder blades. This feels good for that knotted up feeling. I love this feels for me but it may not be for your specific case. See your doctor for pain. I merely use comments to jump off when I know they are asking for a way to stretch a certain area. Please read the following:. This is not comprehensive treatment. Strengthening of this area is very important overall. It is also okay to stretch this area because it feels good. Is it for everyone? Of course not. Once in a while I get comments about this being 'overstretched'. That is not a concern, don't fall for that narrative. Stretch what feels good and don't worry for there to be any sort of issue with overstretching, one would have to stretch incessantly or obsessively all day long. This is merely one thing to try amongst many many other things. Stretches here and there that feel good are you good thing! There are too many narratives that create fear avoidance. Explore movement and feel better. #upperbackexercise #midbackstretch #shoulderblade #chiropractor | Bannockburn Chiropractic & Physical Therapy | Giulio Cercato · Beautiful
a woman is sitting on the floor in front of a wall with an image of a flower
110K views · 992 reactions | Join my Lazy Girl Challenge for more super effective workouts✨link in bio!💕 #lazyworkout #lazyworkouts #lazygirlworko | Natalieheso | Natalieheso · Original audio
a woman is doing exercises on an exercise ball
101K views · 1.3K reactions | 💚💚Missed our home vs. gym videos Save these 3 beginner-friendly exercises with a resistance band for when you're not in the gym mood, and stay tuned for more! 💥🔥😜 💥Crushing on this look? Grab yours at 💤 #fitnessjourney #womenshealth #fitspo #yoga #OptimumNutrition #arms #shoulderworkout #workoutmotivation #homeworkout #shoulders | Fitness Workout | Global Genius · Make A Movie
a woman laying on the floor next to a man
591K views · 5.2K reactions | Relieve lower back pain 😍😍 #vungocson #theanh28 #drson #fyp #trending #viral #reels #recommendation #facebook #fyp #shorts #fbreel #reel2024 | Vu Ngọc | Vu Ngọc · Original audio
Immune System, Physical Exercise, Lymphatic System, Lymphatic Drainage, Boost Energy, Health Advice, Reduces Swelling
3.9M views · 79K reactions | Tapping, also known as lymphatic tapping or lymphatic drainage, involves rhythmic and gentle tapping on specific areas of the body to stimulate the lymphatic system. This technique aims to enhance lymph flow, promoting detoxification and immune system function. Advocates suggest it may reduce swelling, boost energy, and support overall well-being. In ancient Chinese culture, the number 9 held special significance and was associated with the idea of eternity and immortality. It was considered a powerful and auspicious number, often reserved for imperial use. The Forbidden City, for example, is said to have had 9,999 rooms, reflecting the imperial connection to cosmic symbolism. 🤔 What are your thoughts about this? 👉 Comment below & share ~ Tag your friends who need to see 👀 this! | Physical Therapy Session | Physical Therapy Session · Original audio
a woman standing on top of a purple mat in front of a gym equipment rack
1.3M views · 16K reactions | This three exercises all in one that’s combined to hit you love handles, obliques arms and back @ the same time. Try this out 3x weekly | 20 reps of 4 rounds. #fitnessmotivation #instagood #fypシ゚ #fbreels #instalike #explore #health #viralvideo #reelsforyou #foryou #instadaily #fitnesstips #tips #workout #workoutmotivation #homeworkout #exercise #exercisemotivation #instareel #followers #explorepage #fyp #video #challenge #virals #training #backworkout #compoundmovements | B-shed Fitness | Eucalyptic · Time to Breathe
a man with long hair and glasses holding a blue object in his hand
478K views · 10K reactions | Control Shoulder Rotations | This is my secret exercise to super healthy shoulders. So Shhhh...just tell your gran, your mates family and a couple of cousins. Or people you like... | By Tom Morrison | Facebook
Upper Body, Life Hacks, Double Chin Removal, Double Chin Exercises, Double Chin Treatment
520K views · 16K reactions | How To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin #doublechin #doublechinremoval #doublechintreatment #weightlossforbeginners #weightlossforwomenover40 #athomeworkouts #athomeworkoutvideos #howto #facebookreelsviral #facebookfeed | Jeremiah Daniel Johnson | Jeremiah Daniel Johnson · Original audio
a woman holding up a blue ribbon in front of her face while standing next to a couch
Improve your upper-body mobility in just 10 minutes with these six moves from a personal trainer
a man standing in front of a wall with his back turned to the camera and arms outstretched
22K views · 638 reactions | Pro tip: Keep in mind these videos are sped up for demonstration purposes. Perform them slowly and with extra attention on the deepest parts of the stretches. Do each exercise for a full minute and comment below how you feel afterwards 🙌#shoulderpain #shouldermobility #mobility #backpain #painrelief #posture #posturecorrection #movement | PouyaYoga | PouyaYoga · Original audio
a woman laying on the ground in front of a gym machine with text reading, these 5 core moves have completely changed my body and strength
206K views · 2.8K reactions | These 5 core moves have completely changed my body and strength 🔥 give them a try and let me know how it goes! All these moves came straight from inside my dumbbell only weekly workout plan. Ready to finally reach your 2024 fitness goals?! 🔗 on my page to learn more & join! #coreworkout #corestrength #homeworkout #athomeworkouts #workoutroutine #workoutplan | Movement With Julie | Movement With Julie · Original audio
Arthritis Pain, Arthritis Exercises, Stability Exercises, Acupressure, Arthritis, Hand Exercises
149K views · 2.6K reactions | Hand arthritis is debilitating. Keeping the hands/fingers mobile is crucial to delay the progression of the condition for continued functioning. Do these exercises 3-5x daily. #physicaltherapy #hand #exercise #mobility #arthritis #seniors #everyone #adults #AddingLifeToYears #share #Subscribe #reels #reelsvideo | Doc H. | Doc H. · Original audio
a man standing in an office with the words do these 2 moves before bed every night
913K views · 14K reactions | You need to do these 2 moves before bed tonight❗️Are you tired of waking up stiff and feeling all compressed? You need to counter whatever you did throughout the day. Do these 2 moves every night and you’ll not only wake up feeling better, but you’ll sleep better too!💪🏼 #mobility #backpain #workout #fitness #weightlifting #gym | Rob Jones | Rob Jones · Original audio
a woman standing on top of a pink mat in front of a map
246K views · 3K reactions | Try this exercise to improve balance and decrease knee pain! #KneePainRelief #kneepainexercises #hipstrengtheningexercises | Stephanie Ridgway | Giulio Cercato · Beautiful
a woman is standing on a yoga mat and holding a dumbbell with one hand
313K views · 5.6K reactions | This 1 Exercise Works Aim for 3-4 rounds of 10-12 reps. #noexcuses #getfit #workoutreels #joannercizefitnessllc | Joannercize Fitness LLC | Joannercize Fitness LLC · Original audio
Reduce Inflammation
9.5K views · 148 reactions | Three Movements To Get Your Lymphatic System Moving Well And Reduce Inflammation #Lymphaticdrainage #Lymphaticsystem #Fitness #Workout #Getfit #Menopause #Loseweight # | Kaydon Jones | Adele · Water Under the Bridge
Sciatica Pain Relief, Muscle Pain Relief, Lower Back Pain Relief, Muscle Relief, Lower Back Pain Exercises
451K views · 8.6K reactions | Unlock relief with this rejuvenating quadratus lumborum stretch – a key to melting away lower back pain! 👉FOLLOW FOR MORE HEALTH TIPS! 📚 Tight quadratus lumborum muscles can contribute to back pain because they attach to the spine and pelvis, and when they contract excessively, they may pull on the spine and contribute to an imbalance. This can lead to lower back pain, stiffness, and discomfort. #backpainrelief #backpain #backpaintreatment #lowbackpainrelief #lowbackpain #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #foryoupagе #fypシ゚ | Physical Therapy Session | Makana · Blissfully Myopic
a man standing in front of a blue mat holding his hands up to his head
4.8K views · 163 reactions | Low impact jacks serve as an excellent choice for beginners kickstarting a gentle home workout routine. These beginner-friendly exercises, with their low-impact nature, ensure minimal strain on joints while providing an effective cardiovascular workout. Perfect for those seeking a gentle yet impactful routine, they elevate heart rate without stressing the body, making them ideal for home-based workouts. Incorporating low impact jacks aids in gradually building endurance and coordination, catering to beginners aiming for a manageable starting point. With their gentle nature, these exercises facilitate an entry into regular physical activity, fostering a sustainable and comfortable path toward improved fitness levels at home. Start your journey to becoming a stronger and healthier YOU at justinagustin.com Workout to my low impact, full-length beginner friendly home workout routines on the Justin Agustin Fitness app available your device and smart tv. #beginnerworkout #lowimpactworkout #aerobic #homeworkout | Justin Agustin
a man with his hands on his hips and the words one minute beginner above him
16K views · 666 reactions | Did you do all 4? Which one was the most challenging to you? When dealing with limited mobility or as a beginner, wall planks offer a fantastic alternative to floor planks. They enable you to engage your core muscles and build strength without needing to get down on the floor. By assuming a plank position against the wall, you’ll stabilize your body and work on your core without straining your joints. This modification provides a safer and more accessible way to strengthen your core. It’s a great starting point, allowing you to focus on form and gradually progress toward floor planks, making it ideal for anyone facing mobility challenges. Start your journey to becoming a stronger and healthier YOU at justinagustin.com Workout to my low impact, full-length beginner friendly home workout routines on the Justin Agustin Fitness app available your device and smart tv. #coreworkout #beginnerworkout #plank #fitnesschallenge | Justin Agustin
a young man standing in front of a wall wearing a blue hoodie and black sweatpants
192K views · 6.8K reactions | Walking in place serves as a convenient substitute when you miss your daily walk. It helps maintain cardiovascular health by elevating heart rate, enhancing blood circulation, and aiding energy expenditure. This activity engages leg muscles, promoting lower body strength and endurance. Moreover, it assists in improving mood and reducing stress by stimulating endorphin release. Walking in place conveniently fits into any space or schedule, enabling consistency in physical activity. It also contributes to maintaining daily step goals improving overall fitness levels. This adaptable alternative ensures you stay active, reaping numerous health benefits even when unable to venture outdoors. Take 10 minute daily walks with me on my app and site! ⬇️ Start your journey to becoming a stronger and healthier YOU at justinagustin.com Workout to my low impact, full-length beginner friendly home workout routines on the Justin Agustin Fitness app available your device and smart tv. #lowimpactworkout #beginnerworkout #indoorworkout #homeworkout | Justin Agustin
a man standing in front of a blue wall with his hands on his hips and smiling
32K views · 1.4K reactions | One-minute beginner challenge of the day! Today we’re awaking our dormant core muscles including our hip flexors! Do 10-20 seconds per move and as many rounds as you want 💪🏽 Standing core exercises benefit beginners as they engage multiple muscles simultaneously, improving balance and stability. These exercises are accessible, require no equipment, and can be modified based on fitness levels, gradually enhancing core strength and minimizing strain on the lower back. Want to follow along to longer workouts? I have 10-20 minute routines available ⬇️ Start your journey to becoming a stronger and healthier YOU at justinagustin.com Workout to my low impact, full-length beginner friendly home workout routines on the Justin Agustin Fitness app available your device and smart tv. #beginnerworkout #coreworkout #homeworkout | Justin Agustin
a woman is doing yoga in her living room with the caption, 1 to 10 times a day for 15 days
875K views · 12K reactions | 🧡 #workout50+ #หญิงไทยในต่างแดน #50ยังแจ๋ว #reels #workout #yoga #ออกกำลังกาย #โยคะ #workoutathome | Workout 50+ | Jumbo · Green (feat. Plum Soul)
Fat, Fat To Fit, Reactions, Burns
45K views · 508 reactions | Belly fat workout #fitnessmotivation | prem100meter | prem100meter · Original audio
a man standing in front of a mirror with the words, strength training for men
66K views · 5.4K reactions | Isometric exercises are crucial for muscle strengthening as they involve static contractions where muscles exert force without changing length. This... | By Justin Agustin | Facebook
a man sitting on top of a large rug
864K views · 26K reactions | 🌟 Ladies over 40, it's time to prioritize YOU! 💪 Embrace the most important exercise to keep feeling your best at any age. Let's stay strong, radiant,... | By WeShape | Facebook
a man standing on one leg in front of a couch with the caption, and then drop your pel's toward that from feet
24M views · 839K reactions | Try this amazing stretch if you experience lower back pain!... | By WeShape | Facebook