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Michał Stasiewski
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Parry positions- note the floating sword in front of the figure parrying- position of hand and wrist must be accurate- but does not have to be too detailed.

"Ancient Air Mask" Mask for Historical Fencing with internal air cushion "Air Mask" and superior pad - resistence class 1600 NW.  Maschera per Scherma storica e Arti Marziali con sistema a cuscinetto d'aria interno "Air Mask" e copertura superiore - classe di resistenza 1600NW

Gajardoni, Italian and International leader in Professional Equipment for Fencing, Olympic Fencing and Historical Fencing.

Sword chart

Development Outline of Medieval Sword Forms c. 500 - 1500 AD, from 1998 Paladin swordsmanship book by John Clements: The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts. Useful for accuracy in writing

Szymon Chlebowski Feder

Handmade training sword (federschwert) by renowned Polish blacksmith, Szymon Chlebowski. Meets all HEMA training and competition requirements.

Longsword guards by Joachim Meyer, Sixteenth Century German Freifechter.

A Visual Guide to Longsword, Sabre, and Polearm Stances! (xpost /r/Worldbuilding) : coolguides


Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt. Aren't weapons fun!