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DEBUTS is the world’s first guidebook to contemporary Polish photography. It presents the current trends in Polish photography through pictures taken by 36 most talented, young (at heart) Polish photographers, who are worthy of interest. All featured photographers are at the beginning of their photographic adventures - they debuted during the last 3 years. Each photographer is presented with their four works showing his or her approach to photography and current interests. Basic personal ...

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The Irreversible consists of portraits of the German-run Nazi camps survivors. This is a record of face-to-face meetings with the protagonists’ experiences, thoughts and feelings. Agnieszka and Maciek Nabrdalik started the project in 2009, after one of their visits to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. At the gate they saw an obituary notice informing about the death of a former prisoner. Next day there was another one. At this moment they realized that they are the last generation who can ...

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