Michal Rzepka

Michal Rzepka

Michal Rzepka
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The Electric Mixer Lamp is Made with a Retro Refurbished Mixer #luxury trendhunter.com

Electric Mixer Lamp - A classic kitchen tool gets put to a completely new use with the Electric Mixer Lamp by Pip and Estella from Dog Tag Designs.

clever use of negative space

This is using the Gestalt principle where we are using positive and negative space. The negative space of the coffee cup is actually a person talking and the top of the coffee cup comes out to be a thought bubble.

How to Repurpose Remote Controls into Tech-cessories/Jewelry

brit: Did you know old remote controls can make totally rad accessories? Check out our repurposing DIY! Truebluemeandyou: Very cool tutorial that shows you how to make bracelets, rings, cufflinks and earrings our of remote controls.