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Revolver Pen Holder #Aluminium, #Gun, #Holder, #Pen

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder - Revolver Chamber Pen Holder Are your pens locked and loaded?Holder looks just like a cylinder from a really big revolver and will be a favorite desk accessory for gun enthusiasts.

Whiskey Bottle Lights with Vintage Pulley Pendant Lighting

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http://blacksuede.net/money-man/ BlackSuede's ♠️Black Satin Diaries™ Black Satin melted in his embrace.  He smelled so good, like green.  Money Man D.Bill was an amazing kisser.  Mmm…but he was all about the money.  He loved her only on his terms.  She was too blurry-eyed and intoxicated with passion to really read his fine print.  Everything about him was oh so very fine.

This picture focuses on greed and desire of money. I like the visual metaphoric imagery of creating her lover's figure out of money. This implies that all she see's him for is his money.