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Postcard from Poland to USA (ft. Buenos Diaz Vlog)

I send a postcard from Poland to USA. Postard was addressed to Buenos Diaz Vlog. This postcard has been delivered!

Bean Boozled challenge is disgusting

Bean Boozled is the most disgusting challenge that we have ever tried. Would you try Bean Boozle.

Life is a video game

Yes, life is a video game, and we are the players. We have our missions and our lifes. Would you agree with me? Join my game an.

Red Nose Day in Poland #NosesOn

Today we celebrate Red Nose Day in Poland. But are we really celebrating it or is it just me who is running arround the city with the red nose on?

oly communion and crowded church in Kraków

During this first holy communion in Kraków church was extremely crowded.

How to get out of debt fast?

That is the question that a lot of us asks. How to get out of debt fast? To get out of debt fast you need a lot of rigor and self discipline.

I love you in different languages by Polish guy

How to say "I love you" in different languages? This is how Polish guy says "I love you" in foreign languages.

Trip arround the city on the bicycle - Bytom - Poland

Trip arround the city on the bicycle - Bytom - Poland

Park and palace in Świerklaniec - Poland

Short trip to Świerklaniec in Poland to see the park and the palace. Wonderful time with the family.