"Polonia" Stanislaw Wyspianski 1893-94 National Museum in Krakow

"Polonia" Stanislaw Wyspianski National Museum in Krakow

Stanisław Wyspiański

Stanisław Wyspiański "Madonna and Child" Fragment of stained glass design for the Cathedral of Lviv Pastel. The National Museum in Warsaw

Interesting to compare to his portrayal in Wyapianski's 'The Wedding' perhaps? Jan Matejko - Stańczyk 1862 • Stańczyk was the court jester when Poland was at the height of its political, economic and cultural power in Renaissance, during the reign of King Sigismund I (reigned 1506–1548). The full title of the painting is: Stańczyk during a ball at the court of Queen Bona in the face of the loss of Smolensk).

Stańczyk by Jan Matejko The jester is the only person at a 1514 royal ball troubled by the news that the Russians have captured Smolensk.

Stanislaw Wyspianski Stained glass window in Franciscan Church

cavetocanvas: “Stanisław Wyspiański, God the Father, designed created stained-glass in western window, Franciscan church, Cracow.

Artist: Jan Matejko Style: Romanticism Genre: religious painting

Jan Matejko - Angel with Harp

Stanisław Wyspiański | Kazimierz Wielki

Casimir the Great by Stanislaw Wyspianski, Pastel, 436 x 148 cm National Museum, Krakow, Poland Ghost of our king.

Stanislaw Wyspianski "The precipitated angels"

windypoplarsroom: Stanislaw Wyspianski “The precipitated angels”

Wyspianski, Stanislaw (1869-1907) - 1895-97 Four Elements (Lost) by RasMarley, via Flickr

Wyspianski, Stanislaw - Four Elements (Lost)

Maid of Orleans - Jan Matejko

Joanna d`Arc - Jan Matejko 1886

Jan Matejko - Diabeł z Głową Ptaka. N.d. (Have your demons call my demons . . . )

Jan Matejko - Diabeł z Głową Ptaka. (Have your demons call my demons .