Michał Banach

Michał Banach

Redaktor naczelny portalu SmartAge.pl. Interesuję się historią, techniką, militariami oraz fotografią.
Michał Banach
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When teaching history, I used to try to explain this to students- usually with little success. People have a hard time grasping how many people it took to make them. and how that gives us huge family trees. ** This is very interesting.

Space shuttle

The Space Shuttle Columbia arrives at Pad early in the morning after being rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building the night before. Columbia is scheduled for Launch on Space Shuttle Mission in late July on a Department of Defense dedicated mission.

Lockheed AC-130 leaving behind flare "Angels of Death"

leaving behind flare "Angel of Death" From a distance the plane – nicknamed the ‘Angel of Death’ because of the shape that its anti-missile flares take when they are fired – looks like a normal troop carrier.