Michał Ciuła
Michał Ciuła
Michał Ciuła

Michał Ciuła

"Something’s not quite right here. I’m not sure what, exactly. But something"

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Architecture: Three Museums One Square

futuristic architecture

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Dominion Centre (Toronto, 1967-91)

Irgendwo Anders photographed by Radek Brunecky. Obsessed by shape and form, it’s amazing when you see manmade spaces that give you a similar feeling to looking at a mountain

Interference by Pete1987.deviantart.com

lyons: john curtin school of medical research

Wyniki Szukania w Grafice Google dla http://wyprawymarzen.pl/site_media/wiadomosci/0/1/300.jpg

Richard Rodgers | Welsh Assembly