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I agree with this, for the most part.

I agree with this, except calling other girls bitches bc my friends and I use it as a compliment and the commenting on a girl's appearance bc it's nice to be told you look pretty when you aren't expecting it SOMETIMES


Be the coolest kid in the Survey Corps by owning a pair of shoes that give off a vibrant glow of green. The Wings of Freedom will light up the streets at night while the Titans are inactive and allow for a swift getaway I WANT!

Why Emma Watson shouldn't be so underrated

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Im trying to focus on the happy things, trying to forget the sadness but it is failing miserably

Ich bin okay - aber tief im Inneren - Es tut wirklich weh. / Habe Depressionen, so dass es manchmal weh tut / I'm Okay - But deep inside - It really hurts . / Have have depression, so it hurts sometimes