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Michał Jaworski
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Post with 12369 views. [OC][CC][WIP] I plan on releasing an entire tilesheet complete with character animations.

The Intricate Leaf

The Exquisite Leaf, Black and White Linocut Print

linocut leaf

Items similar to 3 Card Set, Original Handmade Linocut Leaves Blank Greeting Card on Etsy

Interesting technique

Mont SaintMichel Original Linocut Print by GreenBalloon on Etsy

Simple dog reduction

One of my favorite things that my fiance has brought to our cohabitation is a vintage linocut print of a town square

Pixel Art of Superheroes and Supervillains /

Istanbul-based artist Ercan Akkaya has created a collection of simple pixel art superheroes and supervillains. More of the individual "Pixel Superheroes" c

Siren animation pixelart inspiration

Animations for the Siren in Olympia Rising. She may seem cute, but her voice is quite deadly…

Pixel Art

The very cherished home computer. I could write a long novel on the subject and goings-on of a kid growing up with dial-up internet, early-internet QuickTime memes and the lot. I first got access to a computer in It was an older model from my dad's w