Michał Głuski
Michał Głuski
Michał Głuski

Michał Głuski

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Dying life of the tribe: Spectacular pictures by British photographer capture the people who are in danger of disappearing forever

The Mursi are a nomadic tribe of herdsmen living in the lower Omo Valley, situated in Africa¿s Great Rift Valley in south-west Ethiopia, not...

Polar bears have a nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, that allows them to see underwater and protects their eyes in blowing snow. (photo by Clark Oden)

Face to Face: A polar bear on Wahlenbergfjorden off of Svalbard. I was in a…

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Bears Art Print

Bears Art Print by Amy Hamilton | Society6

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"Alexander von Humboldt II" - Belfast tall ships race 2015

Fancy Shoe Storage ideas For Every Home

This is a really neat idea. This could be right in front of the entrance under the stairs leading to the second floor. That way I can be sure that a mess doesn't track through the house.

Building A Dream House: Kitchen Tour, Part 1

white kitchen stainless steel range spice cupboard