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Michał Grodner

Michał Grodner
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Icom IC-201

Icom IC-201

When you’re really looking to set up a mobile base camp in the great outdoors, we’re not sure anything comes even close to competing with the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle. Based on the iconic Mercedes-Benz Unimog, this go anywhere monster is packed with a 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine pumping out 260 horsepower along with 700 ft-lb of torque through the 8-speed transmission to tackle any terrain. The 4-door cabin provides plenty of room for you and your buddies, and the eleven display ...:

turbo diesel engine pumping out 260 horsepower along with 700 ft-lb of torque through the transmission to tackle any terrain. Will somebody buy this for me First Sergeant Davis, Heaven on wheels.

100 deadly skills - Imgur

100 Deadly Skills: Part VII: Op Actions. WARNING These skills are called deadly for a reason. These skills not only can pose a danger to others but they push th 100 deadly skill

Jason Knight integral Khukuri

Off The Hook One Off Integral Knight Khukuri For Blade :)

Knife Planet asked 23 preppers what knife they would want with them if they could only choose one. Here are some of the best survival knives in the world.

Some time ago, the guys from Knife Planet asked us to take part in a expert roundup on the best survival knife

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