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the back of a brown leather couch in a room
an entrance to a building with stairs leading up to it
Gallery of Twoo Cuups Cafe / Fon Studio - 6
a row of sinks in a bathroom with pictures on the wall
Dishoom Canary Wharf recalls 1970s Irani cafes near Bombay Stock Exchange
Prolific restaurant Dishoom has opened its first new London venue in five years.
a bar with stools and lights on the ceiling, along with an area for seating
a room with wooden paneling and marble counter tops, along with brown leather couches
Aimé Leon Dore's London boutique homages modernist architect Adolf Loos
a living room filled with furniture and lots of lights
a corner table with two wine glasses on it in a dimly lit room next to a book shelf
Sotto | Parts and Labor Design
a dimly lit restaurant with round tables and stools in the corner, along with wooden paneling on the walls
Aimé Leon Dore New York City Flagship
a room with wooden paneling and lights on the ceiling
SOUND by Aimé Leon Dore
a room with two chairs, a table and some lights on the ceiling in it
The best new bars in the world
The best new bars in the world | CN Traveller
two chairs and a table in a room with posters on the wall behind them,
Bar Interior
an open door leading to a bar with stools
Inside Detroit's Much-Anticipated, Impeccably Designed Shinola Hotel