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The layout of this card would be classed under 'middle right', 'bottom right' or both. The plain look of it makes it easy to read because of the contrast between colours, the name of the designer stands out because it is reversed text and the text going left to right makes it easy for all types of people to read because there is no jagged edges to confuse them.

These nine examples are different styles that designers use to place the body copy.

Again i like the contrast of colours in this business card, the middle alignment of the website instantly draws you towards it because there is no other text distractions around and on the back the breakup of text is nice and draws your attention to what both chunks have to say. There is also a strong repetition of colour in this business card and it matches with the colour of the logo.

The contrast between the four different colours 'blue, black, grey and white' make it easy to read and noticeable because they stand out from each other. Having the text seperated into chunks also makes it very easy to read and the fact that the name of the designer is bigger makes it stand out more and more memorable. i don't like the use of blue in the back of the business card i feel that it should have been used only in the top left hand corner where it says 'graphic designer'.

This business promotion flyer has the use of repetition with the paper airplanes and the use of colour within the flyer, also it has contrast within it at the bottom where the text comes out from the black.

I don't like the design of this poster but i think that how they used a different colour, size and alignment for the titles make it stand out from the rest of the text so you don't get confused about what your reading and moving the price of the treatment to the right side of the text makes it easier to see what price it is. And using the line down the middle breaks the text up.

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