Michał Bander

Michał Bander

Michał Bander
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A gentleman's closet

We got our closet organization down to a ‘T’! From jackets to alphabetized book titles, organization is a cinch in this gorgeously designed closet & library space.

Jazz – Saxophone JAZZ

Replace Jazz with Sax or Saxy and then shape of Sax with names of section leaders, and each grade in different size fonts

The Ultimate Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs #manresume

Guys here is another fabulous and comprehensive men's fashion guide on how to dress dapper in the modern age. It's a men's suit guide covering fabrics, pat

Drake's (London) Fall/Winter Stylish knitted undervest, camel pants, and blazer.

Men's Brown Houndstooth Blazer, Red Fair Isle V-neck Sweater, White and Blue Vertical Striped Long Sleeve Shirt, Brown Chinos

100+ Outfit Compilations - a collection of inspiration images I've saved over the past year or so. - Imgur

simplecrook: oh man check out that shirt! and that pipe! and the hat! man i want at least of this stuff.