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Some say that the Golden ratio is a design myth. I don’t know if its use increases the attractiveness of a composition, but I can say that after years it becomes one of my favorite parts in the logo design process. I often apply the rule of Fibonacci.

Logo Design Trends 2017 - Wrapped

Like in plenty aspects of simplicity can be found in trends: transparent overlays, fades, text boxes, basic geometry. See 2017 logo trends.

90 Impressive Logo Design Inspirations

Planet I've created the letter "E" hundreds of times and today was the first time I turned it into Saturn. There is ALWAYS a simpler way to communicate a concept in logo design. But you must be intentional in how you go about simplifying someth

#graphic design #style #fonts - Varpunen: lokakuu 2013

design - Varpunen: lokakuu 2013 Probably too scando (navian) for what I would want in a logo (and the knotty pine isn't refined enough) but I do like the idea of having my logo lazer cut from steel and mounted on a piece of wood.