Es bastante dificil.

Cats are funny. Cats in glasses and bow ties are even funnier. Cats making nerdy chemistry jokes while wearing glasses and bow ties? I LOVE CHEMISTRY CAT.

uff.. hay que estudiar!

hay que estudiar!

Po seguro! :D

Po seguro! :D

Es muy importante.

When you pull a muscle or are in recovery Deer Antler Spray can help increase strength and build muscle while recovering from workouts faster.

Mejor no lo hagas :D

Greek President Blasts Erdogan After Turkish Harassment: "Provocations Are Sign Of Weakness, Come & Get It!" - The Fringe News

Es un milagro. :)

Oh Happy Day! (Even the little creatures Praise the Lord God Almighty).

Español está muy de moda!

used to acknowledge responsibility for a mistake."Sorry I lost your CD. It's my bad"

eso pasa :D

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Hay que ser original.. :)

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