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....if i might add, (and a one night stand does not prepare you for fathering and fostering the thriving child of the future)  ;~}) though a healthy relationship MIGHT

FALSE - A pregnant woman is most certainly an incubator - for her own child! Choose wisely in the bedroom - protect yourself - don't join the ancient abortion death cult

“Pro-Life” Is A Lie, Here Are 10 More Accurate Descriptions They Won’t Like

'Pro-Life' is a lie: 10 more truthful descriptions the GOP won't like. Photo of coat hanger and label: Warning: This is not a surgical instrument, keep abortion safe and legal

Pro life, pro choice.  My body, my decision.

If cons are against abortion but support the death penalty and/or ways of going against life (like being pro-war), that's not "pro-life." Likewise, liberals are not "pro-choice" whenever they say the death penalty should be banned (even though they h

pro choice.  neither is it a religious debate

"Abortion is a personal decision, not a legal debate." I very strongly believe in this, and allowing people to have complete freedom over decisions in which we should be understanding of.