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Everything VFX related real, natural phenomena, great VFX reference foto's. (Any "Uploaded by User" pictures on here that you know the author off please let…
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a city street is flooded with water and traffic lights are visible in the background at night
rain is falling down on the street and it looks like they are going to fall
Artistic-realistic nature
Rain by (Alejandro Manjon)
two cars driving down the street in the rain at night with people walking on the sidewalk
a bench sitting on the side of a road in the rain under street lights at night
Rain by andersdenkend, via Flickr
a black and white photo with an old car driving down the street in the rain
a water droplet is seen in this image
the water is running down the side of a metal structure with flowers in the background
A fast shutter speed used to make the water droplets look like they're not moving.
black and white photograph of water splashing on the ground
DeviantArt: More Like dust and water by everythingisaverage
Rain drop
Enjoy this Soothing Rain.
Enjoy this Soothing Rain. #rain #soothing #rainforsleeping
a tree branch with green leaves in the rain
Slow down, you might like it.