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I read this a million times and I swear my friend made this just for me to see it. She knows I hate puns <<<< You hate puns? Back to comic.if they meet, Chara may be a good person, I think.

Stop <<no <<<I'm done with this fandom <<<once you join you can't leave

“Springles, producing and selling chips since “You don’t just eat ‘em, you hide from ‘em!: I can’t belive I’m the only one who thought of this) ”

Another crossover. Just a guick drawing that occurred to me only a few hours ago. I hope you like it Tall, skinny and handsome

sans x chara   by

allesiathehedge: “In case anyone’s confused about Timetale, have a better look at this. I sometimes can’t help but imagine this as the important initiation of connection, as soon as the kids shook.