Kimono pattern

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OMG that dress!

uchikake, late Edo/early Meiji

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The Dancing Designs of Modern Art Kimono

Many of us, when we picture kimono, envision the traditional Japanese garment covered in similarly traditional images: blossoming floral motifs, soaring or leaping animals, mountain peaks and cresting seascapes in Ukiyo-e style.

重要無形文化財保持者 二塚長生 友禅着物「瀑響」-公益社団法人日本工芸会

公益社団法人日本工芸会は、無形文化財の保護育成のために伝統工芸の技術の保存と活用、伝統文化向上に寄与することを目的としています。重要無形文化財保持者 二塚長生 友禅着物「瀑響」についてご紹介します。

June 2010 – SRI Threads

The Kimono Gallery

An unusual man’s cotton unlined yukata featuring carp and roundels. This rare kimono may have been created for a festival. Taisho to Early Showa Period (1911-1939), Japan. The Kimono Gallery

The Kimono Gallery

A silk under-kimono - called ‘dounuki’ - featuring moth motifs accomplished via the shibori technique. Early-Showa Period (1927-1940), Japan. The Kimono Gallery

The Kimono Gallery

Vintage & antique kimonos from Japan.

Daily Japanese Textile

365 days of Japanese textiles for 2017

Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya

Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya offers you the authentic and charming old kimono direct from Japan with reasonable prices just as the price of the Japanese flea markets !

A.L.C. Designer Profile | IFCHIC.COM

A.L.C. is an eponymous brand launched in 2009 by stylist-turned-designer Andrea Lieberman. Born and raised in NYC, Andrea graduated from Parsons School of Design, going on to work for several internationally acclaimed labels.

Kimono (yukata)

Natural ecru and indigo blue cotton robe for summer or bath (yukata) with designs of large leaves scattered at the bottom, small star motifs on the upper front and back and three large interlocking circular motifs across the upper back with gourd and vine motifs created by tie and stitch resist-dye technique.

The Kimono Gallery

fashionsfromhistory: “ Furisode (long-sleeved kimono) 18th Century Edo Period Kyoto National Museum ”

The Kimono Gallery

Knowledgeable dealer with 40 years of textile experience showcases various styles of priced Japanese vintage and antique kimonos. Kimono quality and pricing ranging from affordable wearable to kimonos that are rare museum-quality works of art. About 1,000 kimonos in stock, all listed on the website, all with corresponding images.

Robe (Kosode) with Fishing Net and Characters | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An asymmetrical pattern of drying fishing nets and a repeating Japanese character for “warbler” (uguisu 鶯) in highly cursive script adorns the back of this kosode (garment with small sleeve openings)

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Saishiki hinagata kokonoe nishiki Japanese, Edo period, 1784 彩色雛形九重錦