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an image of a path that is lit up in the dark with colorful leaves on it
people are standing on the edge of a large cave with waterfalls and trees in the background
Ik Kil cenote. #toptravel #luxurytravel #amazingplaces bykoket.com/home.php
the solar system with eight planets in front of a night sky filled with stars and milky
a leaf with water drops on it and the sun in the back ground behind it
Describe the Sun please. Well, it's round and bright with peace sign-ish veining. It has a dark line through it's center, spider-y veins, suspended water drops, an unusual halo... wait, what?
red leaves are covering the ground and stairs
Entrance to the Secret Garden, Portland, Oregon Nestled in the hills on the ... And It's Truly Magical
a painting of a fantasy landscape with mountains and flowers in the foreground is a river
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Hidden behind hidden e