Maja Daniels (19)

Interested in the symbiotic relationship between Monette and Mady, identical twins from Paris, photographer Maja Daniels has undertaken a poignant pro.

Maja Daniels (31)

Evidence of a difficult night at 7 a. in a room in the Alzheimer’s ward. Alzheimer’s disease can cause behaviour difficulties such as aggressiveness, eating disorders, increased anxiety or depressive tendencies

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‘Into Oblivion': Documenting Alzheimer’s Patients - LightBox Maja Daniels

Maja Daniels (24)

Photographer Maja Daniels spent three years documenting the residents of an Alzheimer's ward in France, creating portraits that convey the frustrations and challenges of living with dementia.

Maja Daniels (25)

Maja Daniels serie “Into Oblivion”

Maja Daniels (26)

A resident stands in front of the ward’s locked exit door. Passages are blocked and doors are locked to prevent residents from wandering off. Photographer Maja Daniels spent three years, beginning in documenting the ward and its residents

Maja Daniels (33)

The dementia wing of a nursing home is foreign territory to most people. Photographer Maja Daniels spent three years documenting the lives of people with Alzheimer's in a hospital in France.

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