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Milena Łepkowska
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Aww makin me sad ;(

yeah because they were actually able to walk around town without getting swarmed by people who have no idea what personal space and privacy are and don't respect people's personal space and privacy.

Georgia>>>Minnesota>>>Texas>>>Neverland>>>Michigan>>>Ohio>>>>>>Canada>>>>>>>>Maryland>>>>>Indiana>>>New Jersey>>>Michigan>>>>Chihuahua,Mexico!<<<<<<<California>>>>>> Nuevo Leon, Mexico!>>>>>>>>>New York>>>>Gallifrey>>>>>>Michigan>>>>>Montana>>>>Illinois>>>>Poland

Now in Colorado-North Carolina-California-Missouri-Alabama-Canada-Australia-Ireland-California-Canada-Tennessee-England-Cairns-Arkansas-Indiana-Texas-South Carolina-Idaho -Michigan-Florida-Illinois-New Mexico-Georgia, Netherlands,Pennsylvania-


oh my gosh does anyone else remember Plastic Bieber? >> Zayn's face makes the whole thing more fudgin funny! I don't even like or Justin but this is funny!