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a woman sitting on the ground with her back turned to look like she is wearing a hoodie that says juicy
Sims 4 Juicy Couture Tracksuits
an image of hello kitty set with pink and white nail polishes on it's nails
..//**✰HELLO KITTY SET W/ POM POM✰**// | Pinkpusay
a woman with purple nails and tattoos on her arm, holding onto some fake nails
Mods Ts4, Nitropanic Sims 4, Sims 4 Cas Mods, Sims 4 Gameplay
Slootii Set (BOTTOM) - The Sims 4
an animated image of a woman with freckles on her face
Acne Prone Mask
an animated image of a woman's face with different facial expressions and nose shapes
.ARISE. Face Wounds
Sims 4 Game Mods
two long, wavy hair styles are shown in three different colors and sizes with the text julia
JULIANA HAIR | Simpliciaty