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people standing around a wooden bench on the side of a building in an open area
uiliuili Bench by Piotr Zuraw
Płynna ławka Uiliuili to odpowiedz Piotra Żurawia na Wroclaw City Furniture Project.
some people are swimming in a pool with blue netting around it and one person is standing on the dock
Gallery of Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment / RS + Robert Skitek - 17
Jezioro Paprocany, Polska. świetna przebudowa molo.
two pictures of different colored blocks in the middle of a city square with people walking around them
30 tons of colored sand was used to create this art installation
Polski artysta Adam Kalinowski stworzyl interaktywne ‘The Dream City’. Wykonane z 30 ton kolorowego piasku i sklejki stanęło na ulicach Dohy, w Katarze.
two children playing in an outdoor play area with circles on the wall and people walking around
Zabawa na placu zabaw w Limie, Peru.
a woman standing on top of a pile of orange balls in front of a truck
Stories | KABOOM!
Zabawa i siedzisko ze starych boi wodnych w Stavanger, Norwegia.
a woman is sitting on a red hammock by the water
Adjustable Public Seats Create A Playground Suited For Adults [Pics]
wygodne siedzisko z niczego.
several people laying in hammocks on the ground with trees and grass behind them
Instalación en un parque Italiano
Gigantyczna sieć we włoskim parku.
an aerial view of children's playgrounds and play areas
nie tylko funkcjonalny, ale też piękny element krajobrazu miasta.
several people are climbing on colorful kites in the air at an indoor art exhibit
wysoki plac zabaw ograniczony siatkami.
four different shots of the same landscape
Kobe Bienalle 2011, Japan - Instalacja Crater Lake.
two people sitting on benches in the middle of an open area with grass and trees
Kic Park by 3GATTI
Ogród i ławka we wzajemnym przenikaniu.
an aerial view of some green plants in the middle of a body of water with purple and yellow circles around them
Ławki parkowe na Foley Square, Nowy Jork.
there are two pictures of children playing in the play area and on the other side of the fence
niesamowity pionowy plac zabaw projektu Carve
several people sitting on lawn chairs near the water in front of a cityscape
A/N Blog
miejski pokój przy jeziorze.
people are sitting on the grass near a river and some red balloons floating in the air
WHATAMI | stARTT studio, Włochy.