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Improve your students understanding of PLACE VALUE with these SIX models for teaching decimals. Make sure your students have concrete, hands-on experiences before moving to abstract thinking. #math #decimals

Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall: Place Value

Tweet Today I am joining some great math teacher bloggers to bring you a new series of blog hops: Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall. These blog posts will be all about SQUASHING teacher, student and parent misconceptions. They will give you a look inside math teachers classrooms and help you find new ideas and understandings across the grade levels. Today we are talking about place value. Today I want to talk about decimals. I feel like teachers have gotten pretty good at using manipulatives…

Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Anchor chart to help students learn how to order and compare decimals

Ordering and Comparing Decimals

Friday, September 6, 2013 Today we learned how to compare and order decimals. It's similar to comparing whole numbers, but just with decimal place value. We learned two ways to compare decimals. One way is to look at each place value to determine which one is greater or less. The second way is to line up the decimal point. Students also got to use hundredths grids on our mimio board to compare 2 decimals. Students glued a copy of our anchor chart into their interactive math journals. See…

Comparing Decimals Game Freebie- use more dice so that they can record decimals with thousandths and beyond

Comparing Decimals Game Freebie

This game is an easy and fun way for your students to practice comparing decimals. All you need are three dice per pair and copies of the handout in this packet. This is great as a math center as well. My kind of game...simple and fun! :) Enjoy! Nicole ...

Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays - Decimal Numbers Doing this with my kids on Tuesday!
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Math Journal Sundays - Decimal Numbers

We moved on to place value with decimal numbers this week. Again, as I'm trying to do a different interactive tool for each concept this year (different tool than we did last year), this week we made flaps to study our decimal columns. You can see our pocket place value activity from last year HERE. My grade 5 students need to know up to the hundredths column, and the grade 6 students need to know up to the thousandths column. As a whole class, we made our folded tool go to the thousandths…

Love this! Great for comparing and ordering fractions and decimals.
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Fabulous in Fifth!

I came up with a new hook to kick off, or should I say "chop off", my fraction unit. I bought a karate outfit which I later learned from one of my fifth graders is called a "gi". I had my husband cut several boards for me into equivalent fractions: halves, quarters, eighths, sixths and thirds. I created a PowerPoint and had "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" playing while I modeled my newly acquired karate skills. I love teaching like a PIRATE. The kids get so excited and are 100% engaged…

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Comparing Numbers Puzzle 3-digit freebie

Comparing Numbers Puzzle 3-digit

Students will demonstrate an understanding of place value by cutting and pasting 3-digit numeral cards to make inequalities and equations true. ...

As crazy as it sounds and as bad as I hate to admit it, I had never taught using Base 10 Blocks. No teacher had ever taught me using them, and when I taught 9th grade algebra the books never talked…

Here's an interactive whiteboard resource on comparing decimals.
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Flash Decimal Comparison

Classroom Freebies: Teaching Students to Compare and Order Decimals Using Base 10 Blocks
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Teaching Students to Compare and Order Decimals Using Base 10 Blocks - Classroom Freebies

My most searched posts are about decimals. It seems that teachers are always looking for great resources for decimals. This is the first of a few posts I am writing about how I teach decimals. This first post is about comparing and ordering decimals. The freebie in this post is a SUPER amazing download for ... Read More about Teaching Students to Compare and Order Decimals Using Base 10 Blocks