Marble Racetrack. This Would Keep Kids Busy For Hours!

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (occupies the kids for hours.) Did this, but instead of cutting the pool noodle, the marble is small enough to fit inside the full noodle to roll down. Then can use the noodle for other things too!

Childhoood.... Why Didn't I Ihink Of This???

Diy Cardboard Slide ~When I was a kid, we did this! ***One improvement: make the cardboard about a foot narrower than the stair width, so that there is space for the kids to climb up on the stairs rather than the cardboard slide.

Cradle For Adults.

This would be perfect for a nap time room or movie room in my dream house

Slide Staircase.

Stair Slide -- its always a happy day with Slide Stairs! If I'm ever rich enough to have a slid/stair case like this lol I want this!

I Want One!

The Total Body Support Pillow - Hammacher Schlemmer. Kick my husband out of bed - I want this!

Sewing Cabinet.

Love this idea! Great use of an unused armoire as well as place to put my sewing machine! Cottage Hill: DIY Sewing Cabinet from antique armoire

Jump Studios.

British PANTON CHAIR Competition

Winner of British Panton Chair competition: Jump Studios (Original chair design by Verner Panton)

A Vacuum Cleaner you Can Ride On.

It is a vacuum cleaner you can ride on. Our floors would never be dirty again.sweet kids can help clean house

Teacup Shelf.

This adorable coffee cup bookshelf reminds me a little of Alice in Wonderland: a little topsy-turvy, crazy, cute. The perfect reminder that a great book pairs perfectly with a great cup of coffee!