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helicopter tree pods + metallic paint = fairy wings
moth tattoo - Поиск в Google
Sacred Geometry Crescent Moon Moth tattoo by Amber Jane
Giant Peanut Butter Cup
“Dark, spooky, Halloween decks parade on my blog. Today it is The Book of Azathoth #Tarot”
Surprise your friends with these incredible KFC drumstick cakes.
|Tutorial macramé aritos o dije de collar|
This is the recently erected Choctaw memorial in Midleton, Co. Cork. It's a memorial to what is one of histories great examples of human generosity.  In 1831 the Choctaw nations was forced to leave their homeland around Florida and walk 500 miles to Oklahoma. This was in the middle of winter and they had very little shelter or food. As many as 30% of them, men, women and children, died on the journey. They were left impoverished in a strange land which was already occupied.  16 years later…
And this multicoloured miracle. | 31 Deeply Satisfying Pictures For Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Stationery
Garlicky Shrimp Alfredo Bake is full of all your favorite flavors.