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Zuza Meduza

Zuza Meduza
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Lovely lace trimmed woman's bodice.

Rare jacket La Pierrot, in green taffeta, rolled back boned in Basque. Square neckline, front boned is closed by a cross lacing for letting appear the corset vest or selected in a different color. Long sleeve fitted closed by three buttons

Dress a la polonaise, ca 1780

Robe à la Polonaise, c. Pink (Puce) silk, self fabric trimming, linen lining.

"Side view: Polonaise, Spain, Salmon silk & fabric decoration with applied green silk taffeta. 5 covered cylindrical buttons at the wrist. The seams are covered by a braided cord that ends at the waist loop and tassel trimmings.

Inside look, robe à la polonaise, late Shot mauve/grey silk taffeta…