A drizzling of honey, a few shakes of ginger or cinnamon, some slices of banana, and a visit under the broiler were all it took to turn plain grapefruit into something special, this Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Bananas

I LOVE broiled grapefruit! OMG I have never thought about cooking a grapefruit! Broiled Grapefruits with Honey and Bananas


Take This Drink For 5 Nights Before Sleeping A branch of parsley or coriander A cucumber A spoonful of honey A spoonful of lemon juice A spoonful of aloe vera gel A spoonful of ground ginger Half a glass of water

Pavlova Bombardino z malinami

Pavlova Bombardino z malinami

Ciasto kruche z czereśniami

Kruchy placek z czereśniami z kokosowym budyniem i kruszonką