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NOMAD Micro Homes Gallery

The Nomad Micro home is the brainchild of Vancouver architect Ian Kent, who is currently raising funds to begin producing the home through an Indie Go Go campaign. The Nomad Micro Home can be described as a sustainable tiny house kit.

Transformation of an old garage into a 250 sq. ft. fully functioning living space with a sleeping loft.

Mini House by Michelle de la Vega - Talk about maximizing space! The work of visual artist and space designer Michelle de la Vega, this 250 sq. mini-house was actually converted from an old.


Lapka EMF does not detect ghosts. Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) can be caused by electronic devices, wireless transmitters, or nearby power lines. Lapka EMF takes measurements.

Engineered Garments

The Engineered Garments CPO shirt body references military uniform design from years past.


The Bandana is back for this Men's Spring Fashion Learn how the designers are bringing back the classy bandana to the new 2014 spring collections.

Nice outfit maybe different color shirt. I see a lot of navy blazers with khaki pants and it looks very creative and modern, good idea to play with.