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Elizabeth Taylor, photographed by Sanford Roth, 1950s    Wow!! now we know where Rizzo´s got her look

Elizabeth Taylor, photographed by Sanford Roth, Wow! now we know where Rizzo´s got her look yellow white gingham top shirt belt purple pants tight cigarette pencil short hair movie star icon

Clothing in American suburbia after WWII (late 1940s – 1950s): Teenagers in the 1950s developing their own new look that defined the difference in adolescence and maturity.

This is the chic style that was presented in the as ladies rode on their bicycles in style! The loose curls in their hair were common at the time, as well as the headbands.

50s fashion.  For all of us grandmothers who complain about how short shorts are now a days!  LOL!

Vintage divas in hot pants! I wore my hot pants with matching tunic tops ~ I remember, specifically, a red and white striped outfit, and also an orange outfit with embroidered trim.