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a black and white cake on top of a table with a knife sticking out of it
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Yury Dolgorukiy (K-535) 1/350 Scale Model Diorama
a collage of photos showing the different parts of a soldier's helmet and gear
American Soldier 1/6 Scale Model Diorama
an airplane that is on top of a table with fire coming out of the wings
Unknown 1/48 Scale Model Diorama
a man sitting in front of a model ship on top of a blue wave covered table
U-boat Submarine Typ VIIC 1/72 Scale Model Diorama, impressive water effects.
an underwater tank with a boat in it
an army truck is hitting the ground with it's front wheels and tires on fire
Explosion | #Scale_model 1/35 #diorama
three toy soldiers are posed in front of a small building
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