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crochet flower motif is shown in three different pictures, and the text reads easy and beautiful crochet flower motif
Easy and Beautiful! Crochet Flower Motif
Here's a full video tutorial on how to crochet a beautiful flower motif. For this case, you'll start by making a 6 petals flower base just from the center to out, and then you'll crochet a braided structure around it to complete this amazing model. These projects from knitting love are great to put your crochet skills into practice, and, in the end, you'll have a cute model that can be used as a decor piece. This flower in particular reminds us of a coaster, or why not? an item to hang on a...
crocheted flower bottle cover with hidden ring
Crochet Towel Toppers with Hidden Ring
How to Crochet Towel Toppers with a Hidden Ring - Naztazia ®
a yellow and white crocheted dishcloth with holes in the middle on a white surface
Camel Stitch Blanket Border Tutorial - Winding Road Crochet
a crocheted purple hat sitting on top of a wooden table
Free Crochet Witch Hat Pattern - For Dolls & Stuffed Animals
4 solid granny squares are joined using the flat slip stitch join or zipper joining method Granny Squares, Diy, Joining Granny Squares, Joining Granny Squares Crochet Video Tutorials, Connecting Granny Squares, Joining Crochet Squares, Granny Square Blanket
How to Join Granny Squares – Flat Slip Stitch or Zipper Joining Method
Learn how to join granny squares with the flat slip stitch or zipper join. The flat slip stitch join or zipper joining is a granny square joining method using your crochet hook. It makes a flat and very beautiful join that reminds the look of a zipper. Unlike the single crochet joining, the zipper join does not add any bulk to the final project. Moreover, the slip stitch join is done with a crochet hook! No need to seam pieces together or make estimates of how much yarn you’ll need.
two balls of yarn sitting next to each other on a white counter top with an ad for color made easy
Farm Fresh Pumpkin - Free Crochet Pattern - The Turtle Trunk
the crocheted baby blanket is pink and white
Sweet Lace Crochet Blankets
two crocheted squares with the words iris stitch edging on them and an image of
Spectacular Edging Free Crochet Patterns
the best lace borders crochet patterns to make them look like they are made with yarn
8 Free Best Lace Border Crochet Tutorials | The Yarn Crew
a crocheted blanket with blue flowers on it and the text, beautiful shell blanket free crochet pattern
Beautiful Ocean Shell Blanket Ideas
there is a ball of yarn next to some crocheted squares
Granny-zigzag blanket