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Garters by Crafty Bug. 2020 homecoming season. Homecoming garter mums
Basic 5” Mini homecoming mum
Crafty Bug
Victory Braid Tutorial for Homecoming Mums and Garters
the scissors are laying next to some blue and silver ribbons on a cutting board with rulers
Gold and White Senior Double Classic Homecoming Mum #tararifficmums #homecoming #mumsinc
Hair Bows
HAIR BOW Mum. Custom Homecoming mum hair bow. Pinwheel hair bow. Mini homecoming mum. Spirit bow. College & pro team spirit hair bow
some red and white ribbons are lined up on the table next to eachother
The ribbon in the middle -love the different color!
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Texas braid
a green ribbon with white flowers on it and the words, mini home coming mum
Mini Homecoming Mum. DIY homecoming mums. How to make homecoming mum. Loop chain. 3D hearts. Bows
an orange and white striped tie with the words new home coming mum brad on it
New HOMECOMING MUM BRAID Tutorial ||How to make homecoming mum braids and chains ||DIY MUMS
two hands are holding an origami bow on a table with another hand next to it
How To Make The Texas Braid | Texas Homecoming Mums 101 | Crafts
New custom cutout designed for the 2023 homecoming season! Yikes!! Tutorial coming soon!!