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This is Not a Spacecraft, Just a Real Futuristic Home, Villa F was designed by Germany-based Hornung and Jacobi Architecture - TechEBlog

This residence appears to be an extruded prism with a ground level pool that recedes down a steep slope to showcase a unique staircase and sunken spaces all with amazing ocean views from Rhodes, Greece. [Villa F

The 'ShelterPack' is a disaster relief home designed to fit a bedroom, bathroom, an equipped kitchen, and a dining space into a slab just about 80 centimeters in height, in bulk, it is small enough to be carried in a semi-automatic truck... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

If you really look at architecture, it's nothing but vertical walls between a floor plane and a ceiling plane. If those walls were collapsible, your entire

Manus VR - The first virtual reality glove for consumer market.

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WOW! Crystal ice cave in the Skaftafell national park in Iceland.

Ice cave in the Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. Ice caves collapse and new ones form as each glacier grinds slowly towards the sea. Local guides can help you (without dying) find one. (Visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland.