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i love stationery.

// days of productivity // i haven’t posted in awhile; it’s good to finally post something again. anyways, here’s my journal spread for the week! i finally added printed pictures and it’s made journaling (and filling up space) much easier.

A Childhood Dream | Yusuf Artun • books, paper, scissors

"Dreamy": I like this picture because it has a cool twist on what we interpret a crescent moon to look like. I like all the different little lanterns and lights that make up the moon. It gives the moon an eerie feel to it, but also a calming feeling.

@vousmevoyez  #Krystal #Jungsoojung #정수정 #크리스탈 #郑秀晶

@vousmevoyez #Krystal #Jungsoojung #정수정 #크리스탈 #郑秀晶