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two tigers sitting next to each other with mountains in the background and text that reads, what you think you become
Sean Garrette on X
a black cat wearing a witches hat sitting in front of a pot with a candle
The Magician Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money
an illustration of a leopard sitting on top of a rock with the caption hold your vision trust the process
an image of a cat that is hugging the moon
Sean Garrette on X
an old book with the title legend's from fairy land written in gold on purple paper
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a drawing of a monkey sitting on top of a tree branch
One of my favourite illustrators. The work of Tony DiTerlizzi for The Spiderwick Chronicles.
One of my favourite illustrators. The work of Tony DiTerlizzi for The Spiderwick Chronicles. - Imgur
sunlight shining through the water onto some plants
A mangrove forest near Palau ~ Photo Credit: WaterImage/Alamy
a drawing of a cat sitting on top of a book with writing in the background
A manticore from the Spiderwick Field Guide - I love the inspiration this provides! #amwriting
the different types of crystals are shown in this drawing, which shows them all different colors and sizes
Maggie | 26 | Portland, OR | she/her | green/kitchen witch - Nature Inspired Jewelry
a green background with white text that says be brave enough to be bad at something new
Eye Candy: Pinterest Favorites This Week - The English Room
I am always inspired by travel, design & life which I share and curate on Pinterest. Here are some recent favorites all of which you can find HERE. What are you pinning these days? (email subscribers open in a browser to view content) Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH ROOM for extra news, giveaways […]
the butterflies are different colors and sizes
papillon 53
Más tamaños | papillon 53 | Flickr: ¡Intercambio de fotos!
an image of jellyfish in the water
Top 8 Healing Gemstones for Men | Life Changing Crystals and Their Healing Properties
Amazing art like abstract art, surrealism drawing, doodle art, illustrations design, psychology art and organic art can rich your imagination and life. Futurism art, arts crafts, sketches and patterns design are also unique art forms.You can find inspirations through these art pieces and try to create your own. #drawing #art crafts #arts idea #designs #patterns design #psychology art #artist tips #medieval art funny #watercolor inspirations #art journalling #collage inspiration
a drawing of a frog with its legs spread out and eyes wide open, holding a stick
This is a Greater Bull Goblin | Goblins (Family: Adentidae) | Sometimes Sprites are called Faeries, even though we all know the term "Faerie" can be used to designate creatures like Trolls, Giants and Kelpies as well.