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My god my pinterest has been dead forever... I'm gonna try to update It if I can sometimes.. Eh... :/
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Really I just like the joke part.

I can't stop laughing! For those who don't understand a vegetable can be a person in a vegetative state which is a brain dysfunction where a person shows no sign of awareness and thus is in a wheelchair meaning it's a cannibal joke.

Ha! Awesome!

Annual meeting of time travelers. Back to the Future and Doctor Who. (Yes, it's photoshopped, it's still so cool) But why would time travelers have an ANNUAL meeting.they could technically go to all of them back to back.


Pin this on your most popular board and he will keep you safe! This cat could stop these stupid pins!←← Hmmm most popular board? I don't really have one, I guess :( Still, I need that immunity cat as my protecter - he is sooo cute n creepy!

"being a guinea pig is hard work." aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw it's so cute I could die

Being a guinea pig IS hard work. All that sleeping, peeing, pooping, eating, being adorable. and I couldn't imagine life without these sweet animals.