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C++ Software Engineer at Misys. Daydreamer. Wannabe Game Designer. Interested in UK, science & technology, drawing, games, books, nature.

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Accessorising Your Fantasy Warrior: Shields, Gauntlets, & Helms

Accessorising Your Fantasy Warrior: Shields, Gauntlets, & Helms

Dressing the Tudor Lady

Dressing the Tudor Lady Dressing, at least for the upper class was very complicated and often required several ladies in waiting/maids to help dress the women. The lower class was just more 'lets hope this is warm enough for today'

This!! This this this!!! I would buy this and walk around looking like a freaking Elven princess!!

Poster says, "pretty.This is very similar to the Simplicity pattern same body and sleeve shape. The change in the neckline is slight, and adding lacing and the copper detailing would be simple. Fitting the hood to the neck would take trial and error.

Azuras Dream Circlet Make a entrance to remember in this exquisite silver toned circlet. A large Edwardian flourish design adorns the back

Norse hood, based on find from Skjoldehamn on the Norwegian island Angoya. Klesarven

Lene Lorentzen is raising funds for The Viking Hood - Alive and Kicking! on Kickstarter! I create authentic and sustainable clothing inspired by viking age where heritage meets modern playful lifestyle!

History of Hats | Gallery - Chapter 7 - Village Hat Shop

Village Hat Shop Gallery :: Chapter 7 - Medieval or Gothic Europe :: bottom left is my favorite of this plate