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How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if it's real as I don't read the comic books. But still fun to think about it! <----- if I worked at Marvel that would be me: sneaking characters from other fandoms into the background

doctor meets girl - attempting to explain River Song. <-- may be impossible for non-whovians

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Whether you see your glass half-empty or half-full it doesn't matter. You did NOT pour enough wine into your glass. Start over.

Funny pictures about Every time a TV series ends. Oh, and cool pics about Every time a TV series ends. Also, Every time a TV series ends.

Don't panic

Don't Panic :) Mos Def as Ford Prefect in the film 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' A flawed film that is still pretty entertaining, but an awesome book! Mos was pretty good as Ford.a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!

17 Incredibly Serious Slytherin Problems - that whole thing was bullshit. It's no damn wonder that Slytherins disliked Gryffindor so much.