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a cartoon character with the words,'would you rather say?'and an image of
Would You Rather (Maths Choices)
How would you answer the question? How can you be sure? Get a free collection of these maths choices at
an image of matching numbers with owls
Penguin Number Recognition -
Free maths resource with a penguin theme - children match number of eggs to numerical value. Great for Number Recognition and odd and even!
two cards with blue numbers on them in the shape of an animal's head
Early Number Recognition with Clay
Create these photogenic Clay number recognition mats so children can make matching numbers, or link the work they do with clay to written number facts
a piece of paper that has some type of sud puzzle on it with numbers and letters
Binary Number Search -
Help children recognise binary numbers with this Binary Number Search
the cookie is decorated with blue icing and has numbers on it's side
Early Number Recognition with Clay
Help young children to develop good Number Recognition skills with these 'clay' number mats
a square puzzle is shown with numbers and times on the front side, as well as one hundred
How do You Know When Children Really Understand the 100 Square?
How do You Know When Children Really Understand the 100 Square?
two yellow squares with numbers on them and one green square that has the same number
Math Coach's Corner
Math Coach's Corner: What Comes Between? The task is to decide which number can go in place of the ?, and the strategy is to put the numbers in order, creating a number line. You can easily adapt this activity for smaller or larger numbers.
some dices and numbers on a wooden table
Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number
dominos arranged in the shape of a circle with words odd total
Domino maths game and activities for Key Stage 1 teachers - a versatile maths activity for learning about number properties and simple calculations
the word odd is written in black and white on a piece of paper with an image of people playing soccer
That's Odd - That's Even -
3 very versatile maths board-games for teaching Odd and Even. Great for children from aged 6 to 10. A mathsticks+ resource
a blue monster with glasses and a thought bubble above it that says, what is number?
Maths is everywhere... even in reading books - use these fun bookmarks to prove it.
three squares with numbers on them in blue and white
Not a new idea - but a great idea. 100 square maths jigsaws, perfect for supporting young learners understanding of the number system.
a group of people sitting in front of a sign with the number four on it
High quality images (and a suitable font!) make these simple Ordinal Number Posters a little bit special
an image of a number line on a sheet of paper with numbers and arrows pointing in different directions
Number Scramble is here to prove that numberlines don't have to be straight...
two pieces of paper with words written on them and one piece of paper that says i am half of a three digit number
This maths activity really gives children a feel for exploring numbers - great small group activity.