Mateusz Złowocki

Mateusz Złowocki

Mateusz Złowocki
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Gomwai - Hobgoblin Monk by Dmitry Prosvirnin (D8P) from "The Ruby Phoenix Tournament (Pathfinder RPG)"

Paige: I like this orcs humanoid body structure; yet he looks very tribal at the same time. I am liking the idea that our character should wear clothing, or armour.


artist request black hair character eastern fantasy headband human legend of the five rings male monk pathfinder ruby phoenix tournament tattoo unarmed

Heroes - Monks - 1351012498075.jpg - Minus

lexxercise: “ Yeva, my half-orc monk of Kord, in quiet contemplation. We had our first session of the campaign tonight, and I somehow managed to get a proper drawing of her done while we killed.