Mateusz Płocha
Mateusz Płocha
Mateusz Płocha
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death archives: documenting the early years of norwegian black metal

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I chained 220 with a 7mm hook (I always, always use a hook two sizes up for a foundation chain when I'm making a scarf - it stops that annoying curve) and then, using a 6mm hook, simply worked half trebles (half doubles US) in the back loops.

Do not like the color off the sweater however the style/look I like.

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casual with checked pattern shirt, knitted tie, vest and denim jacket

Really like these shoes. Doncha think what you wear tells a story about your personality? I do although I'd rather see Sealy Booth's funky socks and cocky belt buckle .

Loake Men's Ashby Brogues - Tan

Loake Men's Ashby Brogue shoes - Tan