Mateusz Nasterski

Mateusz Nasterski

Lubię oddawać się prokrastynacji, zażywać beztroski, dzień święty święcić, strofować się od powinności - czyli po prostu jestem okropnym leniem, no w każdym raz
Mateusz Nasterski
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Image Nation: 50 Nifty Forced Perspective Photographs

This new group of forced perspective images explores the many ways creative cameramen (and camera-women) add a little “faux” to their photography.

Imagine this: Each person has a personal cloud that follows anywhere the person will go. When you're ok or feeling normal or the usual, it appears as a hovering adorable fluffy cotton thing. It transforms itself depending on your mood. So when you feel upset, it rains a drink that will help you with your current mood...say wine or whiskey? Or could be a hot coco.

Spanish: una tormenta en un vaso de agua (a storm in a glass of water).- French: une tempete dans un verre d'eau.- English (american): a tempest in a teapot.- English (british): a storm in a teacup.

Solemos asociar al suicida como defectuoso mental, a lo mejor sus condiciones no fueron las mejores, y les es imposible soportar la carga de un estilo de vida impuesto por una sociedad.

This piece of street art is both untitled as well as from an anonymous artist. The weight of the world on society and feeling overwhelmed by it. The location also plays a huge role in the meaning of this piece.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers by Banksy - too funny!!  That's what they'd be like in my house...

Banksy's "Sunflowers from Petrol Station". 2005 oil on canvas. Was part of the 2005 Crude Oils exhibition by this artist. Cutesy derivative of VanGogh's sunflower repetitions. Shown as part of Sothebys London's 2014 unauthorized Banksy retrospective.