Mateusz Michnikowski

Mateusz Michnikowski

Mateusz Michnikowski
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Boudoir Lighting Tips eBook:

A Complete Guide to Boudoir Lighting eBook - Over sixty pages packed full of information, this boudoir photography ebook is all you will ever need for shooting boudoir photography and creating beautiful images.

1. Cyan; 2. Softbox 1/2 CTO

Light Set-up Cyan; I really love this color, it gives a dark and cold mood that is really nice . For this image I installed a Stripbox at with the cyan, and a square softbox with a CTO filter.

Amazing Conceptual Photography Inspirations

I picked this image because it expresses how the man in the picture is bondaged by his work. His neck tie is a noose instead of the traditional neck tie which symbolizes his work killing him.