Mateusz Korytkowski

Mateusz Korytkowski

Mateusz Korytkowski
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What do I love more? the coffee or the fact it looks like Tiffany's!

Ziegfeld Collection:Black OnyxTassel Necklace Ahh Tiffany's you're after my flapper-heart! I'm sure there's an imitation out there that I could afford.

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Tiffany's a sheer delight to wander around and through the three floors in New York. One is dazzled with the pure opulence of Tiffany's and to leave with a divine Tiffany blue box and white ribbon is supreme happiness.

#Tiffany #Accessories OMG!!! So cheap! Maybe you would love it!!! Only $16.00.. Tiffany and co makes you look in style and more fashion!!!

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