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DARKLINGS by Juan Casini, via Behance

DARKLINGS by Juan Casini, via Behance

Darklings / Mobile game

Darklings / Mobile game

This app uses whitespace to communicate a lot of different health information in a small screen without making us feel overwhelmed.

Cerberus : Phantom by *machine56 on deviantART

press (L) if you like it . I hope to hear feedback from you :) see attachment for maximum display

I was quite annoyed by the UI of one of Indonesian portable wifi carrier so I created this for practicing :)

Extremely Helpful Apps You Should Have When Travelling Schedule Application Interface – Mobile app by Afrian Hanafi

Here is the dark version of Qplanning App layout. Press

Car Dashboard App by Rifayet Uday #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Some screens from unfinished app.